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Real pharmaceutical Corp., ltd.

Real pharmaceutical Corp., ltd. was founded on June 2002, and it consist of a fully owned marketing company(Nanjing Jinghai pharmaceutical corp) and one joint stock company which focus on pharmaceutical production. Currently, Real Corporation is a competitive new blood in pharmaceutical industry with its innovation spirit, effective operating system, leading technology and strict quality control system.
Pursuing healthier, longer and happier life.

Nanjing Jingwei Lighting Corporation

Nanjing Jingwei Lighting Corporation is specialized in developing and production of High-intensity discharge lamp. Its main products covering HPSL, Metal halide lamp and high pressure mercury lamp.
The company has formed all series product with various style products, and it also capable of developing customized product according to clients’ certain requests.
All products have been CE certified by ETS, and passed security test of KEMA-IEC of Holland. Moreover, the company also have the RoHS certificate which issued by SGS.
Due to its cost-effective, the products have been approved and accepted by vast clients, and company is keeping high speed of developing.
Promoting “Green Lighting”, satisfy both clients and employees.

Nanjing International Exhibition Center

Nanjing International Exhibition Center which located between Yzu-chin Mountain and Xuanwu Lake was built on August 2000, and it covers 126 thousand square meter with multipurpose of international exhibition, national conference, business meeting, information, entertainment and dining.
Top-ranking exhibition hall, top-ranking service.

Landsea Real Estate

Landsea Real Estate is a green-technology featured stock company which was founded on December 2001. Landsea Real Estate is going to convert itself from a single pro-real estate company to a Green building technology cored diversification joint enterprise which providing Green building service, Green real estate developing, Green retire service and Green financial service.
Up to the end of 2012, after 10 years of developing, the Landsea Real Estate has now become the total assets of RMB 13.3 billion, and more than 30 projects with over 50 million square meter under construction, and providing comfort, healthy energy saving house for nearly 1 million people.
Advocating humanism, respecting innovation.

Jiangyin Nantai Home Textiles Corp Ltd.

Jiangyin Nantai Home Textiles Corp Ltd., a production company which is invested by Nanjing Textiles Corp Ltd. was established on January, 2005.
The work place is over 50 thousand square meter with about 1500 employees. The company introduced a full set of sewing equipment, and the annual sales is more than RMB 1 billion.
IKEA is the main client, and the company is keep staying on the top of Chinese supplier list. The major products are consist of slipcover, mattress cover, curtain, back cushion and bedding.
No.1 on IKEA Chinese supplier list.
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